Kontrolla software has been used extensively in Income processes – for example:

  • Remote recording of income or donations
  • Remote and central entry of sales invoice data
  • Routing of invoices in accordance with approval (delegation of authority) rules
  • Notification and reminders by e-mail
  • Approval or rejection
  • Automatic invoice production and either print or e-mail to customer
  • Posting income and invoice data into your accounting system
  • Authorisers can be widely dispersed
  • Billing cycles can be set up to drive automatic invoice production
  • Posting to your accounts can be correctly amortised over multiple periods
Implementing a Kontrolla solution for income processes delivers the following benefits

Control – Kontrolla coding forms can enforce correct, consistent submission of data for invoices, sundry income, donations. Kontrolla is particularly powerful because data can be selected from or validated against a corporate accounting system. Kontrolla is also particularly flexible in being able to add rules ranging from simple to complex when capturing invoice data.

Visibility – Finance can view the progress of any invoice, particularly following submission for approval. The originatorcan be notified if approval or rejection occurs. Invoices may need to be distributed in a controlled manner. For example one department should not be able to view another department’s invoices – Kontrolla provides facilities to control this access.

Cost reduction – The following costs can be eliminated or reduced:

  • Postage
  • Photocopying
  • Storage space associated with sales invoices and associated documentation
  • Bottlenecks in this process can be identified and removed
  • Users can instantly drill back from their accounting system to an invoice or other income transaction and associated documentation
  • Processing time can be drastically reduced – authorisers can be notified immediately, finance do not need to re-key data recorded remotely

Kontrolla has been installed along many leading technologies such as SAP Business One, SunSystems, Coda, MS Dynamics NAV, ProActis and IPOS.

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