Scan and import purchase invoices and other business documents and access them instantly from your finance and other business systems.

Kollecta is a document management system that is designed to integrate with host systems such as accounting, procurement, CRM or HR. Examples of systems it has been integrated with include SunSystems, MS Dynamics NAV, SAP Business One, Coda, ProActis, IPOS. It is also be used in conjunction with Konducta, for example to manage purchase invoice storeage.

Kollecta is a targeted solution – giving users of accounting, procurement, HR, CRM and other important administrative systems the ability to diplay linked documents. Typical examples include:

  • Viewing purchase invoices from accounting
  • Viewing employee records from HR
  • Viewing Customer correspondence from CRM
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The primary features and benefits of Kollecta are as follows:

Web view clientAllows viewing anywhere in the organisation of a scanned document that is linked to the host (accounting, procurement, other) system.

Automatic Background LinkingAllows linking to take place after data has been entered into the host (accounting, procurement, other) system. In addition, pre-defined fields may be read from the host system and used to populate a searchable database.

Web SearchingAllows independent searching of the Kollecta database and viewing of individual documents.

Manage un-linked documents – A list of un-linked documents is separately maintained so that all un-processed documents can be readily identified.

NotesNotes may be added to a document at any time.