Nottingham UK – 08 November 2018

Kontrolla announce the production of the first of a series of “explainer” videos. Centred around Rosie – a typical Head of Finance – this first video explans the kind of issues Rosie is dealing with and how she, like most Konducta users, has resolved those issues. Please watch below.

January 2015 – KONTROLLA OCR

Nottingham UK – 27 Jan 2015

Kontrolla announce the release of Kontrolla OCR. This new product is an add-on for the popular Kontrolla Capture software and allows users to realise significant time-saving throught the intelligent identification of documents and the automatic extraction of key document data. For a demonstration please contact us. For further information please click here.


Nottingham UK – 26 Jan 2015

Kontrolla announce the release of Kontrolla Import. As the use of electronic business units increases and the use of paper declines, there is an increasing need to capture electronic documents and use them in business processes. Kontrolla Import has been introduced to meet this need and one of it’s main functions is to read incoming attachments to e-mail and initiate the processing of the document. This will be suitable, for example, for processing incoming PDF purchase invoices. For a demonstration please contact us. For further information please click here.

January 2015 – Approval on smartphones and tablets

Nottingham UK – 26 Jan 2015

Kontrolla announce extensive support for smartphones and tablets. A new App with the authorisation functionality of Konducta Auth – has been implemented and is now available on IPAD and IPhone. Android users will also soon be able to access this capability. For a demonstration please contact us. For further information please click here.

Jan 2015 – Kontrolla launches new improved website

Nottingham UK – 9 Jan 2015

Kontrolla has tested and will shortly upload a new website. This new site has new product announcements and is powered by WordPress. For further information please contact us.