The Kontrolla software solution provides one or more of the following

  • Draft order can be raised by anyone the organisation permits
  • Template order can facilitate fast raising of orders
  • Item catalogues can be established for multiple suppliers for fast item selection
  • Authorisation (signature) of orders in accordance with authorisation (delegation of authority) rules
  • Rejection of orders can be enforced where no budget available
  • Ability to handle complex approval rules and exceptions
  • Receipting orders fully or partially
  • Scanning paper or importing electronic invoices
  • Matching of invoices to orders
  • Processing of invoices without an order
  • Routing of invoices that do not match exactly in accordance with authorisation (delegation of authority) rules
  • Notification and reminders to authorise sent by e-mail
  • Approval or rejection of orders and invoices where appropriate
  • Import order and invoice data into your accounting system using commitment, accrual and actual accounts
  • Authorisers can be widely dispersed

The big advantage of the Kontrolla platform is that if you need something more in this process we can usually accommodate. Examples of this could include:

  • An extra approval for certain expenditure – IT for example
  • Restrict choice of suppliers for certain types of expenditure
  • Authorisers adding/changing codes to re-allocate cost
A Kontrolla purchasing and invoicing solution will deliver the following benefits

Control – all orders and invoices approved in accordance with authority rules defined for your organisation. Orders can be checked against budgets and over-budget expenditure may be controlled.

Visibility – Your employee can always track the progress of his/her order. He/she can be notified when, for example an order is approved or an invoice is matched to it. Your finance team can obtain a more accurate picture of committed and accrued expenditure.

Cost reduction – The following costs can be eliminated or reduced:

  • Postage (of orders or invoices for authorisation)
  • Photocopying of original invoices
  • Paper for orders
  • Storage space associated with invoices
  • Catalogues can be maintained and used to allow rapid item creation
  • Processing time can be drastically reduced – finance do not need to re-key invoice data, orders can be sent via e-mail, notifications can be sent immediately to authorisers.
  • Users can instantly drill back from their accounting system to an invoice and its image

Kontrolla has been installed along many leading technologies such as SAP Business One, SunSystems, Coda, MS Dynamics NAV, ProActis and IPOS.

If this interests you – you will probably have further questions – for more information or a demonstration please contact us. Please also review our testimonials.