Konducta Workflow

Konducta Workflow allows the creation of highly controlled and visible processes that support the operation of your organisation:

  • Tailored to your precise process requirements.
  • Managing the data you need using your terminology to describe it.
  • Delivery of tasks (e.g. invoices/orders/suppliers) to the correct authorisers.
  • Integrated document management.

  • Secure audit trail of process events.

Adds up to a reduction in processing costs and errors with greater control and visibility.

Kollecta Document Management

Kollecta Document Management delivers a manageable document repository that enables your systems to retrieve documents at the click of a button.

  • Eliminates costs associated with storing physical documents.

  • Can accept digital documents or will scan and process paper documents.

  • Uses unique values (barcodes) to link documents to your systems.

  • Can configure most modern administrative systems to retrieve documents with minimal effort.

The result is a more secure electronic document repository from which documents can be immediately retrieved – greatly reducing costs associated with storing and managing documents.

Consultancy and Support

Successful delivery of an electronic process depends on the provision of qualified delivery resources and ongoing support from your supplier. Kontrolla can offer:

  • Full system support post-delivery – advice and remedial.

  • The complete range of delivery competencies – Design, development, installation, training, resolution.

  • Proven customer references some of whom process substantial volumes of transactions.
  • Processes and relationships that have lasted many years post-implementation.

In summary, a Kontrolla customer can be confident that it’s systems will work and should anything go amiss we are always around to help.

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