Delivering a Successful Process

The best business software alone is not enough. It is vital that an organisation can rely on it’s supplier to build and support the process that has been designed to deliver the organisation’s requirements. Kontrolla’s consultants have a depth of experience and a solid track record of successful delivery.

Furthermore the organisation will depend on the supplier to provide a responsive and competent support service. Kontrolla is proud of its support service and can offer the prospective customer a high degree of confidence based on numerous excellent references from it’s existing clients.

Implementation Services

Kontrolla provide a range of services to implement a business system that meets your requirements. Konducta contains a great deal of pre-built functionality so the amount of services required to deliver most requirements is typically modest.


Kontrolla provides its customers with a full support service that is available during normal business hours. This service will endeavour to rectify or advise on any issue that arises during operation of the client’s process including:

  • Error arising in the operation of the process
  • Error arising from unvalidated data
  • General advice on the client’s process
  • General advice on the facilities provided via Kontrolla software products

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